Dr. Chad Jackley

The idea of helping people feel better has always been strong in me. The concept of achieving health through natural means led me to chiropractic, and now I know it was the right choice for me. Seeing the look of pain in the eyes of a patient turn to a smile is priceless for me and it simply never gets old.

Chiropractic Education

As a graduate of Truman High School just down the road, I have kept my roots close in opening my practice near my origins. I attended 3 years at William Jewell College in Liberty, MO and achieved my BS in Human Biology at Cleveland Chiropractic College prior to completing my doctorate there. Learning about the functions of our bodies never seemed like work to me, it was a natural interest from the beginning. Applying this knowledge to helping my patients is absolutely rewarding in every way!

Each new patient that walks through the door is an exciting new challenge. We are all individuals, and this goes especially for our physical being as well. Treating each of my patients as an individual is the most important aspect of care for me. No two spines are alike, not unlike fingerprints. Determining the needs of every single person combines the science of Chiropractic and the art of assessing individual health care needs.

On a personal note..

Of course life is not all about work, and in my spare time I love athletics. I can’t break the truth of my age to my own body so I play hard and ask questions later! Having been an athlete my whole life I have learned a great deal about how the body responds to stress, injury, and even trauma. My goal for my patients and myself is to maintain a maximum level of health so that being active is fun and not uncomfortable, no matter the age. This requires injury prevention as well, and it’s part of my job to share this with everyone.

I’ve always believed that doctors should practice what they preach. I don’t want my pulmonologist to smoke cigarettes or my physical trainer to be out of shape! I have a new dentist and his teeth look amazing! I like that! The “tricks of the trade” are things that I do to maintain my own health and I thoroughly enjoy sharing this with my patients. If it works for me, it can work for you!

Imagine living pain free and stop waiting for the underlying cause to magically go away. Put your best foot forward now!